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Bill Siveter, family man, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist is a visionary in his industry and a motivator to all those whom cross paths with him. A dedicated husband and father to four beautiful children, Bill’s main priority in life is his family and their happiness. One can easily surmise where his passion for philanthropy and helping those who need him stems from by looking at some of his closest relationships.

He has worked tirelessly for his various community and worldwide support efforts. Some of these efforts include his 3rd annual donation and sponsorship of the Rotary International Mission which helps to provide clean and sanitary water to those living in the Southern Tropical Mountains of Honduras, as well as his continued annual sponsorship of Walk MS, which benefits the National Multiple Scleroses Society. Some of Bill’s other philanthropic contributions are aimed at Autism and helping to spread community faith through his work with local community churches.

Through all his charitable work, Bill still manages to head numerous successful nationwide organizations. He is CEO and founder of the following companies:

  • Platinum Advertising
  • Sales 4 U
  • Platinum Kids Foundation
  • Aggregated Home Services
  • Platinum H.G.
  • Gulfview404
  • Triple Diamond & Associates
  • G.O.A.T. Insurance

Not only does he run these successful business, but he has hired and helped to groom hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs throughout his career, which has led many of them to six and seven figure earnings. His knack for marketing and outside sales drove him to create an easily duplicated system that others could take advantage of while growing their own businesses and recruiting their own future entrepreneurs.

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