Expert Tips for Improving Your Company Blog

Most marketers dream about the day their blog gets recognized by the public.

Being recognized is being able to reach a certain amount of traffic or lead goal. It is also having your content being shared by influencers and when the blog makes it to the blog watch.

However getting recognized is very difficult. But don’t worry, we can learn from those who’ve done it before. So we reached out to some of the marketers behind some of the most successful blogs in 2018.

bill siveter

  1. Stay Consistent

To build and keep an audience, you need to set expectations around the quantity and frequency of your blogs. Many business blogs just post one article or two, then don’t post anything for two months – and then probably don’t see any results.

If you only have time to post one blog per day, that’s okay. The key is to stay consistent with your blog post. Try posting every day of the week.

  1. Create a bank of evergreen content

Evergreen content refers to content with al longer shelf life than simple news post. It provide traffic over a longer period of time, has better SEO benefits, and is generally more rewarding to create.

  1. Denise your online value proposition

You need to define your online value proposition to help you stand out from the competition.

  1. Create a solid traffic and promotion strategy

A common hurdle of new bloggers is creating sustainable traffic to their blog. When you’re starting out, the key is to keep your blogs as simple as you can.

Start by scanning forums to get content idea. What problems or hurdles are people facing? Create blog content from those. Then, go back and engage with these people, giving them a link to your blog post.

  1. Don’t rely on cheesy stock photos

Use stock photography sparingly and be sure to use photos that are eye catching. Visitors can spot bad photos from a mile away and it will increased the bounce rate which will affect your rank in search engines.

  1. Create strong relationships

Building strong relationships are key when it comes to starting a blog, particularly when it comes to building those all-important links to your blogs. It would be naïve to think that your blog posts will gain links by themselves.

You need to send cold emails to people asking them to link to you. If you want to be someone who people link to often, you have to show willing to link to other people who you think deserve it – and share their stuff as well.

  1. Research your audience

Great content is only great as long as it resonates with your audience.

Take time to really get to know your audience and what they’re reading. This way you can create content that appeals to them. Social media is a great and cost-effective way to find insights about your audience.